containerd downloads

containerd releases can be downloaded in each of the following ways:

  • As a tarball containing all containerd binaries (containerd, ctr, etc.)
  • As a zip file containing the source code
  • As a tarball containing the source code
For a more comprehensive guide to installing and running containerd, see the Getting started guide.

Installing binaries

To install the binaries for containerd version 1.7.14 (latest), click on the Binaries (.tar.gz) button for that version in the Releases table below. That will copy the tarball URL to your clipboard. Use wget to download the tarball and untar it.

tar xvf containerd-1.7.14-linux-amd64.tar.gz


The table below lists recent releases of containerd.

Clicking on the buttons in the Copy link column in the middle will copy the URL of the ZIP file or tarball into your clipboard. Clicking on the buttons in the Direct download column on the right will initiate a download of the ZIP file or tarball.
VersionCopy linkDirect download