containerd overview

The containerd documentation is currently under construction. Check back soon for updates!

Welcome to the containerd documentation! This document contains some basic project-level information about containerd.

If you’d like to get started running containerd locally on your machine, see the Getting started guide.


The containerd project is encapsulated in a variety of GitHub repositories:

containerd/containerdThe main project repo for containerd, including the container runtime
containerd/containerd.ioAssets used to build the containerd website and documentation (i.e. what you’re currently reading)
containerd/containerdAs of containerd 1.5 the containerd plugin for the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI) has been merged into containerd.
containerd/projectUtilities used across containerd repositories, such as scripts, common files, and core documents
containerd/ttrpcA version of gRPC used by containerd (designed for low-memory environments)